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Spil gratis spil for penge 360

spil gratis spil for penge 360

You can go down the channel.
Find a way to get the water flowing in the righthand waterway.
22 You do not know where the telescope.
You went to the left; there is a path down to the right, lad em ride casino spil also.A simple game where you slot maskine stå saarland dodge the falling cubes.Ride the second pulley to the top.14 You are in the dry, righthand waterway.9, a birds-eye view of two pipes across the chasm.25 You are viewing the tubes through the telescope but do not know what to look for or how to solve the tube puzzle.

Er en leken og morsom pusl.
Siste spill, epic Run.
For it to run, water must flow to it either from the lefthand waterway (middle gate down, right gate up) or from the long supply from the top of the dam).
Return to the left waterway and open the right gate.When the rush of water stops, go.You can click down to the left or click up to the left-two different directions.The water is falling out the end of the right waterway.Open the right gate and close the middle gate.Only one of the belts is moving on the righthand waterway.At the other end, you find a ladder where you can make your way to gears OR you can make your way to belts of the machinery.