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They do need to be socialized with other people and dogs.
Jon Pickering (11.28 lbs) 2nd.
I often tell people our Cardigans are like potato chipsyou can never have just one.
Fluke, scup, adult 1st.
Annie (9 months)working on her AKC championship.We will not breed mediocre dogs simply because they finish their AKC title easily.We want the breed to move forward and breed according to the AKC and national club standards.Poppy (13 weeks)from the Karis/Honey Badger litter.Joseph Pearson (2.55 lbs) 2nd.Keep spinning and get lucky to hit the top of the Leaderboard!Thus, teams of different paces may be mixed together in let spil for casino nat each wave, but most teams will be at a similar pace to your teams.

You can view our 2012 Team Handbook below.
As a breed, Cardigans are devoted to their humans and a joy to be around.
Kim Shira now has: Maya (9 years old)AKC Champion with 17 group winner and/or specialty wins.
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False Albacore, adult 1st.Also, be aware that Cardigans do shed but its nothing a good vacuum cant handle!Temperament and health are of utmost importance, as is breeding to the National clubs breed standard.Gary Perschau (3.29 lbs) Junior 1st.If you love fun slot machines, with great themes, awesome sounds and tons of winnings then download Slot Machine for Windows 8 today!David Fewster (6.04 lbs) 2nd.Fiona (18 months)working on her AKC championship and lap dog aficionado.