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L a noire den sorte caesar slot maskine

l a noire den sorte caesar slot maskine

After you have caught Merlon, you will go back to his office and Earle will give you his cane on his desk.
This is the first case.
Note: Only go to Ottie's gambling den after visiting Jermaine Jones or you will not mest populære spilleautomater, hvordan til at finde have the required evidence to accuse Ottie of lying Go to the slot machine and drag the arm, if you see a symbol in its respective position, press "hold".
It isnt a long chase just avoid the guy throwing stuff out the back.
Shoot the block of ice until it breaks, then investigate the contents, which you'll find are a bunch of morphine syrettes.Next to the mute there is a Blue Room Pass, turn it around and a new.O.I.Use the crane to pick up a box to clear the entrance to the room, which looks like a white square structure with refrigeration units on top.Clue, location, numbers racket, trumpet mute in instrument case, blue Room pass.After that you will have to fight.Q: Morphine overdose victims.Contents, junkies' Apartment edit, when you walk into the crime scene, the officer there will tell you how to get to the apartment.Noire The Black Caesar guide is heading to the warehouse.When you enter look to the left and you should see two desks.First thing you need to do though is stop that truck.Then search his front pocket for a wallet and a clue inside the wallet.

The text on the record is actually in Swedish - it says "drag skivan utåt före vridning." which translates to "pull the disc out before turning.".
Once it is accessible your partner will call you down.
We get a new partner and a new suit.
Right when you walk in check the suitcase.Interview Jermaine Jones Question Response Evidence Army Surplus morphine Doubt New.O.I.Don't go to Merlon Ottie 's office yet, you don't have the evidence you'll need to catch him in a lie.It is room 238.Check it more closely.This will get you an address time.Next search the table for a piece of paper with some slot machine symbols on it for a clue.Clues 14, persons of Interest, questions 7 (possibility of an eighth locations "Two men dead on US Army issue morphine.Once you get there and head up the stairs then check the sign to figure out where it is located.Take the metal walkways down to the lighted crane controls and use it to pick up the crate blocking the cold storage room and put it down somewhere else.