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The Old Trail Town collection now consists of 26 buildings, which date from 1879 to 1901, one hundred horse-drawn vehicles, plus an extensive collection of Native American artifacts and memorabilia of the Wyoming frontier.
22 x 30 inches.
Harper Company Builders, Inc, enable or download the Flash player to view this movie.Luxury Microdermabrasion with LED Light Therapy.Each time I visited Aidan for our bi weekly pho lunches I was always stunned with the amount of work he had created since I last visited and also how great his work was getting.Oil, acrylic and gauche on panel.

72 x 96 inches.
See some work from the show below!
Nowadays Aidan no longer makes great student paintings; he now makes great paintings that can compete in a global arena.Which is not an easy feat when you paint worms, rotting still lifes, gaping wounds or bones popping out of limbs.Aidan and I bonded quickly over our shared love of artists Paul McCarthy, Jakub Julian Zilolkowski and Neo Rauch.Enable or download the Flash player to view this photo gallery.Give it to Us Straight, Doc, 2014.Cody is what America was, a place where online casino games no deposit bonus the cowboy culture thrives and where the new west begins.20 x 24 inches.